Adrian Nitsch & Goran Powell

Talk to any integrated CD in London and the chances are they know us. We began as a freelance creative team in 2001 and over the years we've plied our trade in most of the top shops in London. We still get excited by doing what we love best: cracking briefs and crafting the copy and the art direction. We believe we add value with strong strategic thinking and a clear appreciation of the brand.

Our core experience is in integrated, direct and digital media across a variety of sectors including financial, automotive, IT/telecoms, FMCG, utilities and charity. Our aim is always to establish an intelligent, ongoing dialogue with the consumer, whatever the medium. As a team, we've collected 15 industry awards including Best Copy (Direct Response), Best Art Direction (MCCA) and creative awards from Campaign Direct, ISP and DMA.

Adrian Nitsch

Art Director

Adrian is from Newcastle (hence the accent) and studied Graphic Design and Advertising at Newcastle College and unsurprisingly, he's a lifelong supporter of 'The Toon'.

Adrian comes to work each morning on an S-works M5 which, if you know anything about bikes, you'll know is a cool bike. And in the holidays, he regularly throws himself down the sides of Alpine mountains on his other bike. As you can probably imagine, Adrian often finds himself doubling as an in-house bike guru in the agencies where he's freelancing.

In 2010, he completed a furniture design course at St Martin's College and he is currently a member of the Metropolitan workshop, where he's working on his first collection to show.

Goran Powell


Goran was born in Worcester and graduated in Modern Languages from The University of the South Bank. In case you're wondering, his name isn't Welsh or Swedish, his mum is from the former Yugoslavia.

Goran started Judo at the age of 7 and he's studied martial arts ever since. Today he holds a 4th Dan in Goju Ryu karate and he still dons his jim jams regularly to teach and train in London.

His writing and martial arts came together in 2006 when he wrote his first book, the highly regarded 'Waking Dragons'. In 2010 his first novel, 'A Sudden Dawn', was published by YMAA Fiction. Goran has several new book and film scripts in development. He could tell you more, but then he'd have to kill you.