• Belvita


    Poster & Digital Poster

    Belvita created a new breakfast bar that combined two classic flavours, strawberry and natural yoghurt. We launched the new Strawberry & Yoghurt Duo Crunch with posters and digital posters that celebrated the coming together of two classic flavours for breakfast.

  • Betfair


    Posters & Digital

    We developed a recognisable tone of voice for Betfair that was distinctly British rather than American, designed to reflect the brand's values of openness, honesty and traditional sense of fair play. The brand poster 'Less Vegas' ran on the Cromwell Road while more specific messages were placed in digital media.

  • Betfair

    Chelsea TV


    We produced three press executions for The Chelsea FC magazine encouraging fans to sign up for Chelsea TV. The ads showed how fans could enjoy watching their team in action from the comfort of their own home, and played off the tagline: 'Make every game a home game'.

  • Clearasil


    Key Visuals

    Clearasil's new Daily Clear facewash was created to be so gentle on the skin that keeping spot-free becomes a daily pleasure. We were asked to create key visuals for new Raspberry & Cranberry and Avocado & Pomegranate, showing how good it feels to use them every day.

  • Betfair


    Direct Mail

    The 'name-badge' DM was created to recruit new social workers. We wanted to present a fair picture of the job so we asked four social workers to tell their stories and hired Laura Pannack to photograph them. Laura was named 'One to Watch' by Creative Review soon after. In the 'Express Delivery' DM, we offered top UK graduates a fast track to social work, sent in an Express Delivery envelope designed by Adrian.