• Lautner sideboard

    Lautner sideboard


    After completing a furniture design course at St Martin's College, Adrian designed the Lautner sideboard, inspired by the work of the American architect John Lautner, in particular the Goldstein Sheats house in California. Made from glass and walnut, the drawings and model have been completed, and he is currently developing the prototype.

  • Plyable



    Created from a single sheet of 24mm birch ply, the plyable console table is a simple yet ergonomical design finished with a 2 pac lacquer with ply edges exposed, in various colours. The full-scale prototype is currently in production.

  • Portraits and Landscapes

    Portraits & Landscapes


    Adrian's decided to quit advertising and work as a commercial photographer. Good luck mate! But seriously, he believes any art director worth his salt should have a deep appreciation of the crafts involved in our business. Over the years, he's developed his passion for photography with portraits of loved ones (including his beloved business partner) and landscapes shot in Lanzarote, Snowdon, Andalucia and Dorset.