• Waking Dragons

    Waking Dragons


    In 2002, Goran's karate instructor told him to fight 30 people and, stupidly, he agreed. The result was recorded in his first book, published by Summersdale in 2006. Waking Dragons became an instant bestseller on Amazon's martial arts listing and even outsold Bruce Lee for a while. The cover was designed by his trusty sidekick, Adrian.

  • A Sudden Dawn

    A Sudden Dawn


    Goran's first novel was published by YMAA Fiction in 2010. Set in the 6th century, it tells the story of Bodhidharma, the warrior monk who brought Zen and martial arts to the Shaolin Temple. 'A Sudden Dawn' was described by Chris Crudelli of the BBC's 'Mind, Body and Kickass Moves' as: 'The book martial artists have been waiting 2000 years for.'

  • Chojun



    Goran's second novel was published by YMAA Fiction in 2012 and tells the story of the real 'Mr Miyagi' – Chojun Miyagi. A young Okinawan boy begins training with the master as Japan prepares for war. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, the tides of war turn against Japan and in the aftermath of the Battle of Okinawa, master and student must fight to rebuild their island and preserve their art.

  • Matryoshka



    Goran's third novel is a homage to the spy thrillers of Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy but with a twist: the hero is female. And Russian. Once a soldier of the Cold War trained in seduction and espionage, Eva is a Matryoshka (Russian Doll). Today she operates as an art dealer in London but beneath the outer shell the Matryoshka is still at work. The cover was designed by Comrade Adrian.

  • Four Shades of Black

    Four Shades of Black


    When Goran's karate teacher wrote a book, he turned to Adrian & Goran for help. They were too afraid to say no and the result was Four Shades of Black, regularly described as the most beautiful martial arts book ever produced, 'a coffee-table piece', and a work of art in itself. Spoiler alert: Goran is in some of the photos. Look away if you find scenes of violence distressing.